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I have to say that we are loving the lapbook idea! I found a site that has free plans and printouts for just this very thing! So far we have completed a “monkey” and a “cat” lapbook. We cut, pasted, researched, and read until we had all the information needed for our lapbooks.  All you need is the website,  some manila folders, library(our second home)  :), and the website, oh and a printer to print out the pages.  Have some scissors, glue and crayons handy too!
My 8 year old “hands on” learner loves to cut, paste, and create! So, this idea is great to keep his hands and his mind busy!

Monkey lapbook

Cat lapbook

Enjoy your creations together! :)

Here are some more treasures!

“Catholic Mosaic” and “A Year with God”

These books are also some of my favorites! “Catholic Mosaic” and “A Year with God”

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2 Responses to Free lapbook site

  1. Shannon Margaret says:
    Where did you get the book A Year with God
  2. Patricia says:
    You can order this book from Catholic Heritage Curricula. It is a great resource!

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