It was a nice day for a walk!

Today a friend, my daughter and I went for a nice walk on the walk/bike trail. 10402743_10204432839847798_3518207731733882394_n My daughter enjoyed biking, while my friend and I walked the path.  It was beautiful with a lot of trees and birds singing.  We even found a nest with baby birds underneath a bridge.



We also saw some snakes, not sure what kind they were, sunning themselves!10410401_10204432838847773_650886392486669185_n

10307384_10204432836887724_2552277026352976091_n 10357836_10204432838207757_2266384074731284058_n


We saw some beautiful flowers too!



There was also a bat house…10251907_10204432827167481_8161398064654413090_n

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