Another year of learning and surrounded by God’s perfect grace

Another year almost at an end…or is it?  We are always learning.  I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to make everything perfect, for my family, our home, education.  I have come to realize that my kids teach me more daily than I could ever hope to teach them.  They are loving, kind, intelligent.  They follow their interests, with my supervision.  This year has been a struggle for me as I try to “keep up with things”.  I know that this homeschooling adventure for me is a way of life.  I sometimes feel pressure from others who do things differently than we do, but I know that every family is different and unique in how the kids learn.  I am ready for a new way of thinking.  Lord, help me get there.  IMG_20140522_200011969 giftsofholyspirit

About Patricia

Wife to my dear husband, Steve. Homeschooling mom to Joshua, Anna, and Christopher. Forever my angel in heaven's mom, Mary Elizabeth, 9-3-98~9-4-98.
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