This is our second week of homeschooling. This year I am homeschooling both Josh and Anna. Christopher is always in the middle of school too. I just give him a seat at the table, crayon and paper. He thinks he is as old as his siblings then. We went to the library today. We got books, videos and books on tape. We are planning a unit study on bears. Should be interesting. Anna’s new word, “How surprising!”. Christopher is starting to talk more. Josh is just as delightful as ever, becoming more accomodating with his siblings in the homeschool. He is such a great helper too. Anna has taken Christopher under her wing during school when he needs attention. She set up a desk with her “preschool” stuff on it for Christopher. She is his teacher. She has everything set up in the play area of the living room to be his preschool. Christopher is really into trains now. He loves to play with Thomas trains and watch the videos. We are trying to say the rosary every day before school. The kids are using their drawing tablets to draw images of what they hear me read. It is always an adventure!