Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day here in Georgia! My mums are starting to bloom. I have purple ones in the backyard in our Mary garden. The yellow ones are in the front Mary garden and are starting to peek out. The gardenia bloomed for a second time this season and brought fragrant blossoms such that I am able to trim some and bring them inside for a nice bouquet. My roses are also blooming for a second time this season. They are red and smell absolutely wonderful! I also am enjoying the zinnias that Mimi gave me last year. They are pink and some are orange. The temp. here now in the evening is at 60. A welcome from the heat we had this summer. Today we had a home cleaning day and organization day. The kids and I cleaned the house and organized things. Our main subject for school today was art. Anna and neighbors, Angel and Ryan painted some rocks on the back porch. They were very creative and enjoyed the challenge. The rocks were colorful. They even decided to go out and find other nature things to paint. One of the rocks looked like a hamburger. Imagine that, complete with ketchup and mustard with a pickle! Tonight Christopher decided to sit in the laundry basket and play with a soccer ball! He is winding down now for bed. We all need some rest! Thanks God for the wonderful reminders of Autumn!

Having a ball!