I am having a difficult day today as memories of Mary Elizabeth flood my mind. I speak to her in my thoughts and ask her about heaven. The thoughts I get back are, “no pain mama, no pain”. I know she is in a beautiful place and happy. But, I miss her terribly. A part of my heart is with her. So, if I can’t have you here with me today, I can carry you in my thoughts and heart always…

Merry Christmas Mary…

And if I go,
while you’re still here,
Know that I live on,
Vibrating to a different measure
Behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
So you must have faith.
I wait for the time when
We can soar together again,
both aware of each other.
Until then,
live your life to its fullest
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in your heart,
I will be there.

~Emily Dickinson

Angel Snow Globe

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  1. Louise Pharand Louise Pharand says on December 19, 2006 at 10:09 am:

Dear Patti,
I came upon your memorial page just now, after telling a friend “I’ll see you in the sunset” and googling to check out if it was a common expression…

Strangely, Mary Elizabeth shares my birthdate, September 3rd. There’s a story about that day in my family. My mother had a baby sister who was born on that day, survived only nine or so months before passing. When she was pregnant with me, my due date was August 23rd. As I delayed, my grandmother, who had never forgotten in spite of eight children, started staying up at night, cooking and fussing, and ultimately, I was born on that same day.

Looking at your family’s page, I see we like a lot of the same things too, especially pets. Together with my better half, we have six: two dogs, three cats, and a bird. 1998 also marked the year I graduated from university. I had put off my studies for the sake of an early career.

You sound like a terrific mom. Your daughter no doubt feels it. I mourn too the loss of a child, from 18 years ago already. I am 39, by the way, and have no children on this Earth. You’re very brave, very devoted. We all meet up again. I believe that.